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How it works!

The Army Cadet Program has 5 levels of training that we call "Star Levels". When you first join our program, you will

be placed in Green star. This is the level where we teach you all the basics about the program. Every year, you will move up a level by completing the training for your level. After Green, there is Red, Silver, Gold and then Master Cadet.



This training is completed during our Tuesday night parades, and on certain weekend training exercises. This includes a number of subjects that all cadets become familiarized with, such as:

  • Drill

  • Physical Fitness Training

  • Marksmanship Training (on the 853C Air Rifle)

  • Adventure Training and Map Reading

  • Leadership and Team Building

  • Citizenship and History

  • CF Familiarization


This training is completely optional for Cadets, and is conducted during separate training hours.  Although they are not compulsory activities, they still achieve the aims of the Army Cadet Program, such as:

  • Music Training

  • Biathlon

  • Rock Climbing and other Adventure Training

  • Competitive Marksmanship

  • Summer Camps and Spring Break Courses

  • Exchanges

Important Information

Being a cadet comes with responsibilities and a rules that must be followed. Please see the Cadet Code of Conduct, CATO 15-22 and the Duty to Accommodate from the Ontario Human Rights Commission. We expect all cadets to behave accordingly at all cadet events, and in their civilian lives.

The Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR) is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and supportive program where everyone feels valued and is able to achieve their maximum potential. This Code of Conduct MUST be read and followed by every cadet.

This CATO defines the duties and powers assigned to commanding officers and officers in charge of cadets in matters of discipline, in order to encourage a fair, sound and constructive application and serve as a guide for dealing with incidents of misconduct.

Human dignity encompasses individual self-respect, self-worth and inherent worth as a human being. It includes physical and psychological integrity and empowerment. The Duty to Accommodate indicates how to include people with disabilities.

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