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Our Team

Commanding Officer
Captain G. Bonnell

The CO is responsible to the Area OIC and the CO of the Regional Cadet Support Unit (Central) for the proper operation of the Corps.

Supply Officer
Captain I. Bain

 Secondary Duty: Deputy Commanding Officer

Maintenance and distribution of the following records on loan to the Cadet Corps:

  1. Field Training Uniforms

  2. Full Dress Uniforms

  3. Equipment purchased for the Corps

Training Officer
Captain C. Shaw Chitayat

Responsible for developing the annual Training Program for the Cadet Corps

Assistant Training Officer
Second Lieutenant M. Gomez

Assisting the Training Officer in the efficient running of the Training Department

Assistant Admin Officer
OCdt M. Gurr

Responsible for helping the administrative officer with organizational functions of the Corps.

Administration Officer
Lieutenant C. Pugliese

Responsible for all the administrative functions and details of the Corps

Regimental Sergeant Major
Chief Warrant Officer S. Hisham

Responsible to the Commanding Officer for the supervision of all other ranks in the Corps. The RSM will at all times set a high standard of dress and deportment as an example for all in the Corps. 

Drill Sergeant Major
Master Warrant Officer 

The DSM is responsible to the RSM for the supervision of all other ranks in the Corps.  The duties of the DSM will vary in their details depending on their relationship with the Regimental Sergeant-Major.

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